About Stacey

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I’m Stacey! I’m a Gulf Coast Texan turned Austinite Houstonian Oklahoma City West Texas girl , nutrition enthusiast, grad student, runner, and smoothie-maker.


You can catch me hanging outside on a sunny day with my deaf rescue fur baller, Jaxon, topo chico and lime in hand, trying to convince my husband/lifer/ball and chain, Zack, that running is fun…he’s not sold yet.


I enjoy yoga, running, eating, re-watching You’ve Got Mail, exploring new places, and meeting new people, which is why I’m so thankful you’re here! Nice to meet you. I hope you leave this space feeling better than when you found it.


 Revitalized Nutrition is my place to help you make healthful life decisions by simplifying the science of nutrition. It doesn’t have to be complex- it just has to work. And I’m here to give you the tools to make sustainable changes, rooted in evidence-based science, with a dose of encouragement.

My story


I wasn’t always interested in nutrition, or running.
In college my go-to was copious amounts of cheerios, bacon-egg-and-cheese breakfast tacos, and chai tea lattes. I wouldn’t be caught dead running for fun. I was unexpectedly diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, moderate to severe ulcerative colitis, at 21 in the thick of my undergrad. After losing 30 pounds in a few short weeks from experiencing x-rated symptoms, I became immensely interested in nutrition to heal, incessantly researching articles, compiling new grocery lists, and trying new recipes. I knew I was capable of living a full, healthy life, and I knew it didn’t have to be hard. Gradually, I changed my eating habits to fit my lifestyle, signed up for a half-marathon after being a self-proclaimed hater of running, completed 13.1 miles in California’s Wine Country for ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease research, and I was hooked. I knew I had to keep running and pursue a career in nutrition.
I did just that, juggling organic and biochemistry prerequisites on the side of my day jobs, and that brings me here. Currently, I’m in a coordinated program in dietetics, working on a master of arts in dietetics and a master of science in nutrition in pursuit of becoming a registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN). I still run, too!
Navigating life with a chronic, lifelong autoimmune disease continues to make life unglamorously hard, laughably interesting, and has a unique way of making me feel alienated at times- but it has taught me that I deserve a life full of sustainable wellness, health, and movement, and I believe you do too. I’ll leave tools and clues here as I learn, because healthy is not hard if it’s sustainable and practical, and you and I are worth making our health a priority.
I hope you stick around!

-February 2019, Austin Half Marathon: Austin, Texas
-November 2018, Tulsa Route 66 Half Marathon: Tulsa, Oklahoma
-July 2017, Virginia Wine Country Half Marathon: Leesburg, Virginia
-March 2016, Rock n’ Roll Dallas: Dallas, Texas | Time: 2:15:01
-February 2016, Rock n’ Roll New Orleans: New Orleans, Louisiana. | Time: 2:21
-July 2015, Wine Country Half Marathon: Napa Valley to Sonoma, California