Pizza Day Recap on a Friday

Gooooood Morning! And Happy Friday!

Last night was date night at Hideaway Pizza, because Remicade infusion days are for pizza. I had the Sicilian, and it was good. Zack’s beer tasted awful, and that’s because it was an IPA that he didn’t order (oops-I’m not a fan of IPAs), but they quickly exchanged it for the cheap pilsner that he originally ordered and all was right in the world.


This was our first time here, and we really liked it! We will return next Pizza Day 🙂

Next up was dessert:

We went to a bakery called “Crimson and Whipped Cream” that doubled as a coffee shop. Had their chamomile/herb-mixed tea that smelled almost like root beer but didn’t taste sweet, and it was refreshing! Helped the snickerdoodle cookie and chocolate cupcake with peanut butter icing go down-yikes. SO good!


They had a fun area of board games, but since our table wasn’t big enough we opted for good conversation instead :). Then the wind picked up and we had gusts up to 28mph all night long and even into this morning. Crazy! When we went to leave I opened the door to the truck and the wind BLEW it from my grip just as I was using it to support my weight as I hopped in, and I fell to the ground. I layed in the street laughing. Somehow I didn’t manage to spill the leftovers or get ran over by a car, so still a win!

But not today’s. This was yesterdays, but I wish it was today’s too. Today’s was Trader Joe’s Multigrain O’s before I head out for a meeting.

Hope your Friday is everything a Friday should be 🙂


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