Weekend Recap: Wildlife Refuge Hike

Happy Monday!
(Is that an oxymoron? Can Mondays be happy?)
Sure they can.


This weekend we went exploring at the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Preserve! I was moping around the house and going completely stir crazy, and after being the most dramatic, Zack took me exploring. If you know me, you know that indoors is not my favorite spot, especially on gorgeous days.

Oklahoma is beautiful.


I had a dream awhile back that we domesticated a baby American Bison (I have strange, vivid dreams), and ever since I have wanted to see a buffalo. Not sure if I have ever seen one (other than maybe the zoo?). I think about seeing buffalos much more than I’m sure is a normal amount.

I squealed.


So majestic.


Literally roaming. WILD buffalo!

During the 19th Century due to hunters and poachers crappy people and bovine diseases from domestic cattle, there were less than 600 buffalo on the entire North American continent (source: a print out from the info center). Thankful to protected refuges like these, buffalo have made a resurgence. I love happy endings.

We took these photos from the truck because apparently buffalo are super dangerous (womp), and will attack humans if they’re provoked. They don’t look fast and they like to walk around lazily, but apparently they can run WAY faster than humans.




And hiking



And my cutie huz who doesn’t know that his picture is here ^

This place was unlike any place I’ve ever been. I kept asking Zack what this place reminded him of, and the closest that we could compare it to would be driving West on 70 through New Mexico, right before you begin to see the mountains unfold while driving through the valley toward Ruidoso.


This is what you get when you ask a former geologist a simple question like, “What kind of rock is this?” Saying “granite” is never a sufficient enough answer. We must explore.


^ Granite.


Beautiful trail. We will hike the other side of the creek next time- we ran out of daylight on this trip.

The rest of the weekend: We rented “The Accountant” with Ben Affleck from RedBox, and I really liked it. We were also quite lazy, juggling homework with naps. I baked these blueberry protein muffins that I need to perfect before giving the recipe, but they were pretty good!

Shoutout to the broken chair in the background, courtesy of Zack’s undergrad days.


Today is strength day! Weights! Followed by two miles of interval training for zeh half training.

Hope your week is off to a great start!