It’s the BUSIEST time of the year! AHH

I can honestly say, with complete confidence, that this is the busiest I’ve ever been in my life. Make it stop.

In the past month I have moved all my things to Oklahoma from Houston, finished my nonprofit job in Houston (today-  bittersweet), had a FUN bachelorette party, managed to find time to Christmas shop, juggled doctors (currently), got more lab work, got a marriage license…and I feel like there’s more. I can’t think.

OH. had a trial for hair/makeup. CHECK OUT MY FACE!

Shoutout to my talented makeup artist, Veronica, from Austin. She even let me play with her German Shepherd puppy during the session, which was worth the drive in itself. I asked her who her favorite celebrity clients were and she said, “Shakira! She complemented ME the whole time Oh. Drake was pretty nice, too.”
In case you didn’t know, I hang with Drake’s people. *hairflip*
It’s cool- we can still be friends.

Here’s a recap of my bachelorette party in the Big D:

All I wanted to do was go ice skating. I have an obsession with the sport of figure skating, so my college roomies (below) took me on Sunday after the festivities had died down:

We had a snapchat filter THAT I DIDN’T SAVE. But we looked good, you get the point.
I sang and danced on dueling pianos and was serenaded by a dozen bald men. It was sensational! Go to Louie Louie’s if you’re ever in Deep Ellum!!! Or make a trip especially for the experience. CRAZY FUN.

My IV Crohn’s medication has been slowly losing its efficacy, but I can still get down. Hi, I’m embarrassing. But I can’t stop laughing at myself, so I probably won’t calm down anytime soon. Anyway, REALLY excited to meet with a Crohn’s specialist in OKC next week after Christmas.

Fun fact: Zack bought me the Nike Airs as “Honeymoon Shoes”. Not sexy shoes, like stilettos. Purple Nike’s. I’m honestly completely thrilled about them! Best honeymoon gift EVAH. We’re a little weird, and I’m happy to embrace it, Nike Airs and all.

I have been wanting to go on one final run in Houston, but with being “homeless” for over a week now and couch surfing…it has been tough to find the time. Last night I went to the Houston Zoo Lights to do Christmas festivities with friends, and I got my wish. I had to park in the Texas Medical Center garage, about a mile and a half away from the Zoo entrance. If you’ve ever lived in Houston, you know that the area surrounding the Zoo isn’t known for being pristine or safe, and the pedestrians are actual inhabitants of the area. So I ran from my car, in my santa shirt, in the dark, with my friend on speakerphone, through the medical center, across the open field adjacent to Ben Taub Hospital, across Cambridge (thanks to the Police Officer directing traffic), dodged strollers in Hermann Park, safely to the zoo entrance. It was exhilarating and entirely too hot of a run for a December night. My hair stuck to the back of my neck from sweat and humidity, and my jeans were tough to pull up around my waist from my sweaty legs pulling them down. I felt like it was a goodbye solute to Houston, and I liked that. I was happy. Bye, Houston! I won’t miss your awful traffic, but I’ll miss the diversity and melting pot of cultures. I’ll miss Memorial Park and Buffalo Bayou running trails, and I’ll miss the people I love there, most of all.

Hope you’re enjoying the holidays! SLOW DOWN and chill. Much love!

Keep moving forward 🙂


P.S. December 23rd. 82 Degrees in Houston. That is all.

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