Hey Friends!

Hope life is treating you well. Here’s an update on what’s happening in mine plus a semi-big announcement:

Two weekends ago we took engagement pics on Zack’s family’s land. My sister, Lindsay, whipped out her camera in the middle of a pasture in Central Texas and started snappin’ away! SHE. HAS. AMAZING. TALENT. It was 100 degrees. Bugs were biting us. And she still managed to make us look so dang enchanted. If you don’t believe me, LOOK!  Thanks, Linds!

I’ve had a ton of requests on where I got the dress, so in case you are wondering too, it’s from Urban Outfitters on sale! I felt like I was about to shoot a country music video. Or become a mermaid. Either sounded like good options, so it was worth the purchase.

And this past weekend…*drumroll*

I moved Zack to Oklahoma, which I guess brings me to my announcement *clears throat*, “We are moving to Oklahoma!”. We found a little house and within two days were hauling all of Zack’s belongings to Central Oklahoma. This is a big deal because Texas is BIG and miserable to drive through. But not only that. This is the first house that we will live in as a married couple…and I never in a million years imagined that it would be in Oklahoma.

I think we are going to love it though. Our neighbors took the time to say “Welcome to the neighborhood!” as we were unloading the Uhaul. Made me smile. An older guy stopped by on his morning walk to complement Jaxon on how cute of a dog he is (I didn’t tell him that Jaxon is deaf, but I think Jaxon was thrilled to meet a stranger anyway). The neighborhood is SO cute and quiet. I keep calling it “The Sandlot” neighborhood, because all the homes are from the 1950s-1960s and it reminds me so much of the neighborhood from my favorite movie!

jaxwatchdogLife is so funny. I think back to being 19 or 20 and I always thought I’d be a nurse, with Zack, who would be in oil. We would live somewhere near Austin or Houston, and we’d be really well off by the time we were a year out of school. Big, silly plans. Now here we are, still doing more school and nowhere near Austin. I’m on my way out of Houston soon. But we are still together and we are still doing life, even though sometimes it feels like life is doing us. Honestly, I couldn’t be more content with this big, new, scary, fun adventure. God knows what He’s doing. And I’m thanking him for it all. I’m thanking Him for Oklahoma, for new jobs, for new opportunity, for new people, and for a fresh new chapter in life. It’s gonna be a challenge, but I really think God has it all under control. I’d like to think that Joshua 1 is a promise for us, too. We need to be strong and courageous, because God has given us this new land, in Oklahoma. We are going to be OK. 😉

Any words of encouragement after surviving a big move? Any suggestions on finding a cute couch? Decorating is about to go downnnnn.

P.S. Ever been stuck in traffic when you REALLY have to go to the bathroom? My recent real life traffic troubles next time. You may want to skip over it.


Keep moving forward 🙂




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